Be Strong 4 Life

I am 90 years old and give nothing but praise for Be Strong for Life! I could not stand alone without holding on to something. But now, the simple task of walking is steadier and I can stand in the shower. I can also stand alone and turn on our floor lamp!
-Genetty Childers

As we age, our bone density diminishes.

The results are numerous of weak bones.
Many of us end up with “stooped shoulders”, or poor posture.
Or you’re diagnosed with osteoporosis.
Bones become weaker, making us more prone to bone breaks and other injuries.
You cannot move as easily or quickly as they did when younger, and stronger boned.
But there is a way to improve balance, coordination, and stability regardless of your age or conditioning level.
BStrong4Life® (Be Strong for Life) is the only program available that will reverse the aging of your structure by strengthening the entire musculoskeletal system. Used just once a week, Be Strong for Life will strengthen your muscles, bones, and spine!

The good news is that this approach to treatment for bone density loss and osteoporosis, also produces many other desired health benefits including a rush of positive energy, a sense of well being, and increased mental alertness and focus. Listen to one of our long-time patients share the rehab and conditioning results he had while using Be Strong for Life. Visit Health By Hands Wellness Center for more information.

How Be Strong for Life Works

Research indicates that weight bearing exercise, particularly resistance exercise, is the best method of regenerating bone density. Until now, power lifting (high intensity exercise or heavy weight lifting) has been one of the few exercises that can place a demand on muscle tissue that is high enough to stimulate bone growth.

As we age, weight lifting has many drawbacks, due to the strain it places on joints and tendons. While there is a benefit, the risk of injury is high. The ultimate combination is the Be Strong for Life system which provides the greatest benefit with the least amount of risk.

Sports Training

Be Strong for Life isn’t just for aging people! Athletes also use Be Strong 4 Life as it takes less time which allows them to focus on their other training, their risk of injury while exercising is reduced, and they can get into shape a lot quicker!

One of our star patients is Reggie Garner who competes in the World Masters Track and Hurdle trials in the 400-meter hurdles. Let Reggie share his story with you in the short video above.


To learn more about Be Strong for Life or schedule an appointment, visit or call 817-930-0600.

We want you to be healthy…and Be Strong for Life!


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