Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule (As of 2/2017)

New Patient

Initial visit with X-rays (within last 12 months): $300.
Initial visit without X-rays (within last 12 months): $400.

Follow-up Visits

Follow up visits with insurance are the same unless otherwise specified by insurance.
Structural Patients' filing under Medicare WITHOUT Supplemental Insurance or No Out of Network Benefits:
NEW Medicare patients with X-rays (within last 12 months): $247.53
NEW Medicare Patients without X-rays (within last 12 months): $347.53
**Medicare only pays $52.47 per visit**

Follow up with Dr Kathi: $100, half hour (CDP)

Other therapies: $40, half hour (CDP)

LifeLine Technique and NET

LifeLine & N.E.T. (NeuroEmotional Technique):
LifeLine First Session: $225.
LifeLine (Subsequent Sessions): $175.
N.E.T. (1 hour): $250.
N.E.T. (30 min): $125.
N.E.T. has a minimum of half an hour. Both techniques are prorated in 15-minute increments after one hour.

Allergy Symptoms

We can help people with allegy symptoms which involves a thirteen-visit protocol.

ASA, intial evaluation and consultation with Dr. Kathi): $150.00

Package of remaining visits: $995.00* 

Individual Sessions:$90.00

Bracelets: $50.00

Supplements (as needed): Cost dependent upon individual supplement

*Equals $82.92 per visit


Biocleanse (Foot Detox): $30.00

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Consultation with Dr. Kathi

First Exam


Only $200 for new patients.

$500 Value!

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