Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule (As of 2/2017)

New Patient

Initial visit with X-rays (within last 12 months): $300.
Initial visit without X-rays (within last 12 months): $400.

Follow-up Visits

Follow up visits with insurance are the same unless otherwise specified by insurance.
Structural Patients' filing under Medicare WITHOUT Supplemental Insurance or No Out of Network Benefits:
NEW Medicare patients with X-rays (within last 12 months): $247.53
NEW Medicare Patients without X-rays (within last 12 months): $347.53
**Medicare only pays $52.47 per visit**

Follow up with Dr Kathi: $100, half hour (CDP)

Other therapies: $40, half hour (CDP)

LifeLine Technique and NET

LifeLine & N.E.T. (NeuroEmotional Technique):
LifeLine First Session: $225.
LifeLine (Subsequent Sessions): $175.
N.E.T. (1 hour): $250.
N.E.T. (30 min): $125.
N.E.T. has a minimum of half an hour. Both techniques are prorated in 15-minute increments after one hour.

Allergy Symptoms

We can help people with allegy symptoms which involves a thirteen-visit protocol.

ASA, intial evaluation and consultation with Dr. Kathi): $150.00

Package of remaining visits: $995.00* 

Individual Sessions:$90.00

Bracelets: $50.00

Supplements (as needed): Cost dependent upon individual supplement

*Equals $82.92 per visit


Biocleanse (Foot Detox): $30.00


It's Allergy Season! Get Relief NOW!

Ragweed is here! Mountain Cedar is next!

Don't let your allergies get you down this Fall!
ASA Balance takes only 15 minutes, is safe, painless (no drugs or needles) and effective!
Individuals: $75 per visit (13 visits)
Family: $50 - first person; $45 - second person; $40 - third (or more) persons (13 visits per person)
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