Welcome to Dr Kathi’s World: Beyond Chiropractics

Welcome to Dr Kathi's World: Beyond Chiropractics


What better way to start off a New Year, but with a new web site for my patients?

Welcome to Health by Hands Wellness Center’s new and improved web site…and my new blog “Dr Kathi’s World”.

Wellness Alvarado TX Kathi PerryI wanted to provide a web site that not only was easy to navigate, but one that offered my patients easy access to more educational videos, articles and other materials. For years, people have tried to refer their friends and family and have been told, “But I already see a chiropractor”..or…”What makes Dr. Kathi so different”.... This website is an answer to why our clinic, Health By Hands and the services and techniques that we offer “Go Beyond Chiropractic”....... Continuing to learn about your health and ways to improve your life is so important to me: and I want to impart that knowledge outside of the clinic to my patients and others in our communities.

Take a few minutes to go through our site and watch the videos, and read the articles.

Soon we’ll be adding on an online calendar where you can check my availability, and even schedule an appointment for the service you need! We’ll also have a retail store up where you can order the supplements you need; that way you don’t have to come to the clinic just to get those products if you don’t have an appointment.

I hope you enjoy our new web site!

Infinite Love and Gratitude
Dr Kathi