back pain

Imagine my surprise, when one of who I considered my "STAR" patients...who drinks lots of water, eats pretty "clean"...was having issues. We started the ASA Balance protocol to reduce sensitivities for foods and things in her environment. This machine has the capability of "imprinting" the electromagnetic frequencies of things like the external air, home air samples, pet hair samples..and personal care products that they use on a daily basis. My patient brought her personal care items and the bottom line is that they are "Toxic JUNK"!!!!! She uses them daily and is constantly moisturizing her face and body with these products. After looking up the ingredients on the Web...I was able to show her that despite her efforts to eat correctly, she has been poisoning her body on a daily basis with things that are known carcinogens and "endocrine disruptors".... I told her that she needed to go home and THROW AWAY every thing that she was using!!!! I suggested that she use Organic Coconut Oil or go an look for products that are clean and have no chemicals. IMMEDIATELY!!!! I used the example that if a very small amount of a BioIdentical Hormone applied transdermally (to the skin) could start or stop menstrual cycles, that she should think of what the enormous amount of toxic chemicals applied to her skin daily might do to her over-all health and well being!!! I challenge all of you to look up ingredients in ALL of your personal care products and eliminate any that are toxic or that you cannot pronounce their ingredients!!!! Let me know if you are shocked as well!!!
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