Leo’s ASEA Story: I’m Feeling Fabulous Again!!

Leo's ASEA Story: I'm Feeling Fabulous Again!!


Wellness Alvarado TX DogLeo isn't a person. Well, he THINKS he's a person, but he's really my Italian Greyhound who comes with me to my clinic.

Leo is eleven years old; and he's showing his age. Unfortunately one day he followed a jogger down the road and ended up in our local shelter. While there, they automatically gave him a full round of vaccines...not knowing he had just had a full round of annual vaccines!

Of course doubling up on his vaccines just wrecked havoc on his body: his hair started thinning out, his one eye now has a cataract and is bulging, and he has had no energy since that happened over two years ago.

When I discovered Asea, I immediately tried it on Leo (as it's recommended as a supplement not only for humans but animals too!). I am not kidding when I say within a week's time, not only did his hair start to grow back in and the swelling in his eye diminish, but he started to act like the old Leo -- from over five years ago!

How's it work? Well, ASEA enables cellualar healinging throughout the body. It utilizes Redox Signaling Molecules which are naturally created within every cell of the body. They are vital to your immune system and to the cellular healing mechanisms of your body.

A propery supply of Redox Signaling Molecules enables cellular healing throughout your body. As you age, your cells make fewer and fewer of these molecules and your body's ability to combat everyday ailments diminishes. In order to keep the cellular mechanisms of your body performing properly, it is essential that you supplement and replenish Redox Signaling Molecules. The only way that you can do that is through ASEA -- the worlds only source for Redox Signaling Molecules.

Next time you're at the clinic, ask me about ASEA, and how I, my patients and others have used and benefited from ASEA.

Oh....say "hi" to Leo when he greets you at the door and wants to play!

Infinite Love and Gratitude

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